As our relationships with animals have evolved greatly over the years, and what were once viewed as simply animals have now become the centre of our universe!

When we look back to the 80s, 90s and even early 2000s there simply wasn’t the same kind of focus on customized pet care as there is today. Spoiling your cat or dog meant buying them a new toy, or special treats (of which there were only a handful of in the store).  If you were super, uber overindulgent you might take your dog in to a groomer, but that was few and far between. In those days kenneling your dog felt more like a punishment, rather than the vacation that is today.

With the growth of online stores, the “me” generation, a decrease in marriages, an increase in pet-entrepreneurs, the declaration of pets as  personal support animals, and the knowledge that animals can greatly benefit our mental health, there has been a boom in pet ownership.

Today it is not a matter of if you spoil your pet, it is a matter of to what degree. In the UK a woman spent 14k on new wardrobes for her dogs – although this is extreme, it highlights that there are no limits to spoiling on our best companions.

Here are just a few options available today for spoiling your pet:

A social date to doggy daycare

Are you looking for the best of both worlds for you and your dog? Look no further than your local doggy daycare! A day at daycare provides your pup the opportunity to socialize with other canines, tucker them out with plenty of exercise, all the while giving you a much needed break from their (sometimes exhausting) puppy love and energy!

When selecting a doggy daycare, be sure to check out online reviews, visit the facility, and see if your dog is able to do a meet and greet with the staff and other dogs who attend the daycare.

While doggy daycare isn’t for every dog, it’s a great option for those that get along well with other dogs and for owners who feel guilty leaving their furballs at home alone for extended periods of time.

Dress them in the latest fashion trends

It’s Fendi, it’s Prada, no wait…it’s knock-off animal clothing?! If you’ve entered a pet store recently (and we’re sure you have if you’re a pet owner), you’ve surely noticed the vast array of clothing options available for pets, including jackets, boots, socks, hats, and the list goes on.

While the practicality of some of this clothing may be questionable, there’s no question your pet will look stylish and ready for their IG closeup.

Treat them to some fine dining

Say goodbye to kibble for one night and treat your dog to a fine dining outing! There are many dog-friendly restaurants these days, it just takes some time and research to find them. A quick “dog-friendly restaurant near me” search on Google should do the trick in locating one. While many of these restaurants simply allow your dog to tag along while you enjoy a nice meal, some even have gourmet menu items specifically for your dog.

For those of you who really want to treat your pet like a king or queen, you may even consider transitioning them to a raw food diet. Raw food diets may have many benefits for dogs and cats including shinier coats, healthier skin, improved dental health and more.

Book them a massage

Couple’s massage, anyone? What was once a luxury for humans is now an option for your pooch or cat. You can choose to splurge on a fancy massage at a salon or even give them one yourself for free. Either way, we’re sure there’ll be no complaints from them. And if you opt to give them one at home by yourself, be sure to closely monitor their behaviour to ensure they’re enjoying it.

Ready to give them a first-class experience to their new home? Contact Worldwide Animal Travel today to inquire about our top-rated pet relocation services.