When the big day finally comes and you and your beloved furry friend are ready to take your trip or move to your new home location, the last step is dropping your pet off at the airport or at your pet relocation office. Many people ask us what happens to their furry buddy after they leave, and one of our Pet Travel Coordinators takes over?

Our number one priority is ensuring your pet gets to their destination safe and happy. To give you a better idea of what happens after drop-off, here’s a walkthrough of our steps to get your pet ready for the airport and the flight.

  1. Ensuring the travel crate is secure, processed correctly and safe

All of our employees handling your pet have a strict policy to guarantee the safety of your pet’s carrier and that it is processed correctly to get on the flight. This includes double-checking the crate to ensure that the door is fastened and secured with cable ties (as per the IATA regulations), making sure the pet information tag attached can be verified and clearly visible to security, as well as regulating your pet’s water bowl and other necessities to make sure they are ready for the trip ahead.

  1. Making sure your pet is happy and prepared

The airport is an unfamiliar place with lots of unfamiliar noises and movement so your pet might get anxious or scared. Our employees will stay with your pet and keep them happy and calm for as long as permitted by the airline. We also try to make sure they are walked (dogs) and have a bathroom break prior to their trip.

  1. Getting onto to the flight

One they are crated, tags and the airline has accepted them, they are loaded up and driven out to the plane to be loaded into the plane’s animal hold. Once their crates are secured and ready, the plane takes off and their journey begins!

When you’re ready to fly with your furry friend, make sure you deal with the oldest and largest pet-relocation company in Canada – the experts at Worldwide Animal Travel to assist you!  Get a free quote today.