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Employee Spotlight

As the world welcomes a brand new year, we would like you to meet our first Employee Spotlight of 2023, Kelsey! Kelsey is an Operations/Pet Handler here at WAT. She started working at WAT because it allowed her to do her two favourite things: spending time with animals and driving! Kelsey has several pets – a Border Collie named Reya, and two rescue cats, Aries and Apollo. Kelsey will always help an animal in need. The animal she most resonates with is the coyote, who can be as vocal as Kelsey when needing to communicate!

In her time working at WAT, Kelsey found the most unique relocation was of a turtle! Her favourite part about the job is when she sees pets and their owners so happy to be reunited. However, Kelsey has had her fair share of challenging pet travel situations, but by far her most difficult relocation was of a Golden Retriever who was distraught and needed extra reassurance, just to get him out of his crate for the night, and then back in it for the morning. While it was a struggle at first, everything ended up going well!


“We would like to thank you and your team for taking care of Agata’s move that was so challenging. You were able to manage unexpected circumstances in a very positive and professional way. We’ll recommend your service to our friends with great pleasure.”

M.A. — Toronto, ON

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pet travel, animal travel, canada
pet travel, animal travel, canada
pet travel, animal travel, canada