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Employee Spotlight

This month on our Employee Spotlight, we would like to introduce you to one of our Pet Travel Coordinators: Caitlin!

Caitlin started gaining interest in the idea of pet travel after spending some time working in a vet clinic, where she would approve documents for pets traveling to other countries. Caitlin began volunteering for a foundation that helps low-income families receive free veterinarian care, like vaccines, bloodwork and providing food, however the clinic had to close down recently due to COVID-19 complications.

Her most difficult pet relocation story comes from Hong Kong, where the employees were under a time crunch. The dog had no microchip, so getting the specific documents needed for the pet’s journey was difficult. However, the dog arrived safely at their destination with no issues.

When asked what animal Caitlin would be if she was an animal, Caitlin said a hawk, as being able to fly would be fun and interesting. 

As of now, Caitlin works as one of our Pet Travel Coordinators and enjoys time with her special furry friend, her cat Marceline!


How To Prepare My Pet for Travel

How To Prepare My Pet for Travel

When buying food or treats for your pet, how much time do you actually spend on reading the ingredients each time?

“We would like to thank you and your team for taking care of Agata’s move that was so challenging. You were able to manage unexpected circumstances in a very positive and professional way. We’ll recommend your service to our friends with great pleasure.”

M.A. — Toronto, ON

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pet travel, animal travel, canada
pet travel, animal travel, canada
pet travel, animal travel, canada