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Why Work with a Certified Pet Relocation Team?

We know how important expert care is for your pet, which is why our team is comprised of individuals from across the globe with years of experience. Let’s connect.

Not sure how to prepare your pet for their upcoming travel?

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With over 50 years of airline and customs industry knowledge, and a certified pet relocation team, Worldwide Animal Travel has established itself as a leader in pet transportation in Canada, so you can trust your furry, scaly, or feathered family members’ well-being with pet relocation services that exceed expectations.

Why choose us

Worldwide Animal Travel is a full-service pet relocation company based in Vancouver, BC, and Toronto, ON. We are here to provide your pet with a truly comfortable and exceptional travel experience! We love what we do, and we understand how important your pets are to you. We treat your pets as if they are our own!


International Travel

Moving to a new country is an exciting adventure, but it also comes with unique challenges, especially when it comes to ensuring the well-being and comfort of your furry friends. Our travel coordinators have access to a network of reputable and experienced agents worldwide and are ready to simplify the process for you.

Canadian Travel

We offer door-to-door service between any two points within Canada. We can provide reliable pickup and delivery services in all major Canadian cities to ensure your pet has a comfortable and safe travel experience.

Comfort Stops

If your pet is passing through Vancouver on their travels, we can provide a much-needed rest stop for feeding, exercise, and bathing at our Canada Customs bonded cat and dog kennel.

Corporate Travel

Relocating for work with your pet? We’re committed to making your corporate move a seamless experience for both you and your pet whether internationally or domestically.

Canadian Import Brokerage Services

We can help you simplify the process of filling out the necessary paperwork to import your pet. We offer import handling services, including Canada customs clearance, pet collection upon arrival, boarding, and delivery to your door To simplify your pet.

The Pet Relocation Process

Step 1

You request a quote


Step 2

We assign your pet a travel coordinator

Step 3

Permits are obtained while we
book the flight


Step 4

We’ll provide a journey plan, pet carrier, and regular updates on onboarding, flight check-ins, and delivery/pick-up to keep you informed throughout your pet’s journey

Step 5

Your local and federal vet approve
your pet for travel


Step 6

We arrange your pet’s drop off or
pick up

Step 7

We prepare the carrier to ensure
your pet is cozy


Step 8

Your pet is checked in and gets
cleared for take-off

Step 9

If your pet requires a comfort
stop, we make the arrangements


Step 10

After a government inspection you
get reunited with your pet!

Contact us to get your pet ready for their next big adventure!


Operated 4 charter flights during COVID from Canada to Australia repatriating more than 380 family pets
Operated 1 charter during COVID from Canada to New Zealand repatriating 90 family pets

First Company in Canada to receive BOAS certification (Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome) snub nose

IPATA Industry Partner Award

IPATA Best Operational Service Provider Award- Pascal Leutwyler

IPATA Millie Woolf Memorial
Leadership Award- Bruno

Member of ATA

35 staff speaking 15 languages

Monthly Spotlight

When it comes to relocating pets, every detail matters. Julia faced the challenge of moving her two beloved cats, Lusia and Maya, from Vancouver to Poland. By entrusting our team of experts, she could cross this daunting task off her to-do list, knowing that her feline companions were in the best hands.

From preparation to arrival, our team member kept Julia updated with frequent emails, photos, and a tracking link to monitor the cats’ journey. “I was always getting very fast responses to my emails with questions or concerns, which reassured me even more that my cats were safe,” she said.

Throughout their travels, Lusia and Maya received the best possible care. They were accommodated in spacious kennels and comfortable pet hotels, complete with food, water, beds, and litter boxes. Our team ensured that every need was met, making the long journey as comfortable as possible.

The cats arrived in Poland happy and healthy, ready to explore their new home.

“If you are thinking of travelling with your pet then I would definitely recommend this company as they are professional, reliable and very kind to animals.”

We understand the importance of reuniting pets with their families. We’re dedicated to making every relocation a success, no matter the distance or complexity. With our expert care, you can trust that your pets are in good hands.


Sarah Linda
Sarah Linda
Worldwide animal travel was phenomenal for our relocation process! Our cats were very well looked after and arrived happy and healthy. When it is time for us to go back home, we will 100% use them again! Thank you so much! Our kitties are settling in purrrfectly 😻
Sam Post
Sam Post
Worldwide Animal Travel did an excellent job assisting me to navigate through the detailed and complex travel requirements for transporting my cat from Canada to the Philippines.
Leslie Davison
Leslie Davison
My husband and I were moving from Vancouver to the UK We have 2 staffies and they are my kids who I wanted professional help with all the procedures and care to ensure a safe travel withNO problems entering the UK. As each country have certain requirements to accept pets I contacted Jacqueline for her services and she and her staff handled all our needs and steps throughout the planning of our trip She also coordinated the pick up at Heathrow airport and have them cared for and safely delivered to a far journey on the Ilseof Wight We couldn’t be more happier with the whole experience with this nervous transfer of Vancouver to the UK I would strongly recommend that anyone who has a pet that they use this service that are 200% professional and caring Now the whole family is together in our home in the UK Thankyou Jacqueline and the team in UK who were the one’s handling the dogs and customs on the Uk side
Omar Ali
Omar Ali
Phenomenal service, I used their service recently to move my cat from Canada to Egypt and loved the service. They provided guidance on all the required documentation, followed up regularly to ensure everything is going well, once the documents were in order they made all the arrangements and picked up my cat. They took good care of her before the flight and gave regular daily updates with pictures. Their partner in Egypt was amazing as well giving hourly and sometimes sooner updates after her arrival and every step until my cat made it out of the airport and they delivered her home. Door-to-door service, worth every penny and highly recommended.
Julia Łapińska
Julia Łapińska
I would like to thank Worldwide Animal Travel for organizing a trip for my two cats from Canada to Poland! I was very stressed and scared as any pet owner would be but Monica was very supportive. Documents were correctly prepared, I was being updated frequently about my cats and I was provided with multiple photos which helped me deal with the stress. Cats received excellent care. Food, water, bed and litter box were provided during their stay at the pet hotel in Vancouver and Frankfurt. Cats were traveling in spacious kennels to maximize their comfort during their long journey. I was always getting very fast responses to my emails with questions or concerns which reassured me even more that my cats are safe. I was given a tracking link which allowed me to monitor the whole journey. Cats arrived to their new home in excellent condition and ready to explore it. I’m forever grateful to everyone who was involved in this process as thanks to you my babies reached their destination unharmed and happy! ❤️ If you are thinking of traveling with your pet then I would definitely recommend this company as they are professional, reliable and very kind to animals!! 😊
Darren Poole
Darren Poole
WWAF assisted me in the relocation of my dog from Canada to the UK. The Toronto team were fantastic! They provided comprehensive step-by-step guidance from quotation through to the day of travel. They provided an in-person sizing to ensure my dog would have the correct sized crate, and allowed me to take it home so that my dog could become familiar with it in the days prior to travel. All personnel I meet were very professional and clearly prioritised my pet's care. I highly recommend WWAF!
Suzanne Graham
Suzanne Graham
Jacqueline at Worldwide Animal Travel was incredible at supporting us in getting our dog Flex from Canada to Scotland. So attentive to all the details, responsive, and super clear with everything we needed to make the trip successful. Could not be more grateful for the support. Thank you for taking such good care of Flex, he arrived in Scotland a happy and healthy boy!
Melanie Winnicki
Melanie Winnicki
We are over the moon impressed by the service and care that WWAT gave us and our 90 pound pooch. The whole process of explaining everything to getting all the paper work together, including working with our vet, and from pick up at our door on Vancouver Island, Canada to delivery to our door at our new place in Costa Rica. The whole process was unbelievably seamless. We received regular updates and pictures during Gunner's trip, and he was always full of smiles. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs to move their pets. A special thank you to Lisa, who took the time to answer all of our questions. You made this a breeze! Thank you! Here's a picture of Gunner enjoying his retirement on his beach. Pura Vida!
My cat arrived safe and happy after a long trip from Toronto to Bangkok. It was a great experience throughout the whole process, the staff are extremely professional and detail-oriented. I got frequent, prompt updates along the way. My cat must have been treated well and had a comfortable journey because he now sleeps in the kennel that he traveled in! I’d highly recommend working with Worldwide Animal Travel.
Kimberly Bergado
Kimberly Bergado
I have an amazing experience with Worldwide Animal Travel from the inquiry until the day of thr flight. Kaylee was so great at helping me relocate Lumiere to Ottawa. i Exemplary service, and very responsive. Strongly recommend


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