Life can change in unexpected ways, and it can be difficult to decide when it’s the best time to travel with your family, especially your furry friends. With work, school, relationships and general parts of life sometimes interrupting or complicating plans, it’s best to plan far ahead.

As the seasons change and the world spins around, the weather changes drastically. From blistering cold winters or sweltering hot summers that will melt your ice cream, it can be difficult to decide what time of year is best for your pet. Consider a few things when determining the best month to travel:

  • Is your destination a relatively hot or cold place? If so, it might not be best to travel during the summer/winter accordingly
  • Check the airlines for blackout periods – these are times during the summer and/or winter when the cargo holds on planes becomes too hot/cold for safe air travel of your animal.
  • Has your pet experienced these types of temperatures before? It might be worth a visit to the vet or some online research to determine if this is the safest place for your pet to be
  • What do you need to pack to keep your pet safe? Possible pet clothes, special food.etc

When traveling somewhere new with your furry friends, the most important thing to consider is your pet’s comfort. As anxious as it is for humans to travel, the world is completely foreign to our smaller, less informed little creatures. The best way to keep your pet less stressed is to bring some familiarity along. Some ideas of things to bring to keep them happy are:

  • Personal item that has the scent of home but not sentimental, such as an old towel or t-shirt with a family member’s scent.
  • If you have children, your pet will feel a lot better with them there. Try to plan your trip around the times when they are not at school, and they will likely have a great time too!
  • Note: Toys are choking hazards and can be removed by the airline so please do not bring them.

Lastly, remember to check the news about the country or city you are planning to go to. Recent events like extreme weather, political events and emergencies could greatly hinder your plans. Always make sure to double check flight conditions as well!