If you’re living in Toronto, you know that good weather has been scarce this summer. With the weather forecast finally shaping up, time is running out to enjoy the warm weather! Take a moment this weekend to visit a dog park with your furry friend. It’s finally time to let them release all of that pent-up energy! And who knows, both you and your dog may end up having the best nap of your lives right after. Here are our top 5 dog parks you’ll want to check out:

  1. David Crombie Park If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy picture, this park is for you. The park contains a fenced area perfect for your dog to run wild. And while they’re off playing with their fellow companions, a nearby basketball court with a mural of a Toronto skyline is just a few steps away, where you can capture the perfect selfie. Off-leash hours are from 6:00-8:00am and 5:00-11:00pm.
  2. Allan Gardens Off-Leash Dog Park With condos pretty much everywhere in the downtown core, it’s hard to find green space that’s large enough for you and your furry friend to enjoy. However, Allan Gardens has an off-leash fenced park that’s the perfect size for your dog to interact with furry friends. The double gate door provides dog owners with peace of mind knowing that your dog can’t escape when attempting to follow their new friend home. Also, don’t forget to catch a glimpse of the eye-catching botanical gardens while you’re there!
  3. Cherry Beach There’s nothing better than the beach – no, seriously. Not only will your dog love the opportunity to play in the water, but there is also an off-leash dog park area for you and your furry friend to enjoy the rest of summer while staying cool. There are benches throughout the beach and best of all, it’s large enough to play fetch. Save this park for an evening stroll and watch the sunset. You won’t regret it!
  4. Cedarvale Park Located near Eglinton and Bathurst, this park, in addition to the off-leash area, gives you the opportunity to stroll the ravine with your furry friend. Only a few minutes north of Downtown Toronto, you’ll have the chance to escape city life and be one with nature!
  5. Berczy Park This park has made the list due to its tourist attraction. While it doesn’t have an off-leash area, it has a newly renovated water fountain with dog and cat statues surrounding it. Constantly populated by tourists and pet owners, you’ll see plenty of dogs frolicking in the water.

Winter is coming. If you’re living in or visiting the Toronto area with your dog, make sure to take advantage of the many dog parks around the city before the summer ends! Or, if you’re looking to relocate to or from Toronto, contact us today to assist with travel arrangements for your pet.