If you’ve ever moved before, you know the process can be overwhelming. Between packing boxes, trying to find people to help you move, and the overall costs associated with it, moving can take a physical and emotional toll on you. In fact, it’s even been noted as one of the top 5 most stressful life events. But it doesn’t have to be this way, especially if you do it with a pet. While moving with a pet might add some additional work, it can actually benefit your mental health and lessen some of the stress you’re experiencing throughout the process. Just ask Dominyc Taylor-Pollitt, Worldwide Animal Travel’s new General Manager, who recently moved to Canada from South Africa with not one, but six of her pets.

“My pets are my family, without them, even just one of them, would feel like someone was missing. Knowing that they would be joining us a few days later meant we had our reunion, cuddles and unconditional love to look forward to,” she says.

In addition to the joy and excitement the anticipation of being reunited brings, pets actually have a physiological impact on humans, and can significantly lower blood pressure and heart rate while performing stressful mental tasks.

Dominyc surely felt the pressure during this move: “The most stressful part of moving to Canada was doing it during a global pandemic and having the goal posts moved multiple times with paperwork, flight routings or lack thereof.” Despite the chaos and complications caused by COVID-19, she successfully moved to Canada at the end of September. After a 4-day journey involving three stopovers to Johannesburg, Amsterdam and Calgary, Dominyc’spets reached their new home, Vancouver, as well.

While her pets helped her cope throughout the process, she knew she had to reciprocate by preparing them for the long journey ahead. Not only is relocating a stressful situation for humans, but it’s also stressful for pets. With that in mind, Dominyc knew crate training would play a key role in keeping her pets comforted during and after the move: “My pets were all crate trained and I cannot express how important that is. Even in our new home, having the familiar crates around and keeping their routine made them feel comfortable.” If your pet isn’t crate trained and uncomfortable in their new surroundings, they could become flight risks or experience anxiety. And the better prepared your pet is for their move, the less likely you’ll have to deal with these potentially stress-inducing situations.

Although Dominyc’s journey to Canada with her family may not have been the easiest, she recognizes the one thing that got her through it: “Patience; you need to be patient with yourself while you adjust to your new life, patient with the new systems and take each challenge as a worldly life lesson.”

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