If you’ve ever flown for an extended period of time, it’s likely you’ve experienced some form of discomfort. Now imagine your pet doing the same flight, with much less room than even you had. That’s why, when it comes to selecting a carrier for your pet’s travel, it’s important to pick the carrier that’s right for them. Here are some tips to help select the best temporary home for your pet:

  1. Ensure your dog or cat can stand naturally inside the pet carrier. Stand your pet next to the carrier, and while in a natural position, judge if the top of your pet’s head or ears surpasses the height of the carrier.  Use the same technique for the length. Your pet needs to be able to stand up and turn naturally with little restraint. If this isn’t the case, you will need to use a larger pet carrier. Additionally, the dog’s head should not be drooping nor should their back be touching the roof of the carrier. Bonus tip: If your dog will not stay still next to the pet carrier for measuring, then have your dog stand next to you and mark the top of his ears on your leg.
  2. Airflow is key for comfortable pet travel. Ensure there are ventilation holes and opening on all four sides of the carrier. A pet carrier which is not large enough for your pet will inhibit airflow and circulation. Snub-nosed dogs, in particular, will need a pet carrier one size larger to ensure sufficient air circulation.
  3. Make sure the quality of your carrier will leave you and your pet stress-free. Ensure the carrier has a metal grid door, as strong breed dogs are able to break free from a plastic gate. The carrier itself should also be connected with metal screws and the door pins should protrude through the plastic when locked to ensure durability.
  4. Always make sure there is a deep-water tray attached to the door. You want to make sure that your pet is hydrated during the flight! Bonus tip: Place a block of ice in the tray. This technique will limit spillage during loading and ensure there is plenty of water for your pet while in the air.

Guaranteeing your pet has a stress free journey to their new home will leave you with peace of mind. A carrier that allows sufficient room for your pet to move naturally and is built to facilitate comfort will make the experience less stressful. Also note, selecting a pet carrier too large for your furry friend can also create a stressful experience and could even compromise their safety. If you are looking for a carrier or how to properly size one, please visit our website store. For tips on how to prepare your pet for the journey, take a look at our June Blog on Summer Travel Tips for Your Pet.