Hey, bird lovers! At Worldwide Animal Travel, we work with all types of animals, including your feathered friends.  If you are planning on relocating anytime soon, there are some things you should know about travelling with your bird, especially considering it can take 4-6 months to plan their trip.  Just like other animals, moving to a new environment can be stressful for birds so preparing them for their trip is paramount to a successful move.

If you’re planning on relocating a bird in the near future, here’s everything you need to know to ensure a stress-free trip for your pet.

Before you travel

Prior to relocating, you’ll need to decide the best method of transportation to get to your new home.  While travelling by car is thought to be the less stressful method for relocating birds, many airlines will accept birds, this makes the journey much faster with less handling and reduced stress for the bird.

Firstly, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to perform a health check on your bird to ensure they are fit to fly (no pun intended).  We’ll work with you to ensure your bird has the proper permits and records (if required) to enter their new home country.

Additionally, you’ll need an approved travel carrier for your bird. We supply the best IATA compliant crate for your feathered friend.  It’s best to acclimate them to this new carrier well in advance of their flight to ensure they feel comfortable during their trip.  To assist with this, you can place their favourite treats to create a sense of familiarity and comfort.   If you already have a bird travel crate, we highly suggest informing your travel coordinator with the dimensions of the carrier you intend to use to ensure it’s approved for airline use.

During travel

When working with a pet relocation company like us, you can rest assured that your pet bird is in good hands.  We arrange pick-up and drop-off of your bird, ensure they are properly checked in for their flight, and provide plenty of updates regarding their travel to keep your mind at ease.

If your bird has a stopover, we’ll take care of them in one of our comfort stops by ensuring they’re travelling in a clean carrier, have access to food and water, and receive lots of love while in our care.

After you’ve arrived

Upon arriving in your home, keep your bird’s routine as structured and familiar as possible.  Take caution when letting them out of their cage, and prior to doing so, ensure you’ve bird-proofed your home by keeping all windows and doors closed or screened.

Most importantly, monitor your feathered friend for any signs of distress.  In birds, this may look like aggression, changes in vocalization, feather plucking and more.  It’s a good idea to be informed of the nearest veterinary clinic or animal hospital should you require their services.

Ready to take flight with your bird?  Contact the experts at Worldwide Animal Travel today to assist you with your big move today!