Are you planning a big move to a new city or country in the near future?  Before you book your travel tickets, there are some things you should know about travelling with a pet during COVID-19.  Travelling, especially with a pet, can be complicated, but even more so when regulations about pet travel are constantly changing. 

To help you coordinate your big move at this time, here are some general things to consider based on the latest information regarding pet travel.

Research your new destination’s restrictions

It’s true that while travel restrictions for some countries have loosened, other countries continue to enforce strict rules about who and what are able to enter.  This is the case for countries like Australia, where their borders remain closed to international travellers.  To find out the specific travel restrictions for specific countries, we recommend visiting the IATA website.

Be aware of quarantine procedures

Just like human travellers, animals are also subject to quarantine procedures upon entering a foreign country.  While this was already a standard practice for animals pre-COVID-19, some countries have extended the amount of time that an animal must be quarantined for before being released to its owner.  Each country will have its own specific procedure, so again, we highly recommend informing yourself of the details well before your move.

Plan in advance and be flexible

As you’ve witnessed the last few months, things are constantly changing, especially in the travel industry.  For this reason, we highly recommend being flexible on your moving dates given that   you and/or your pet’s flight(s) could be subject to changes or cancellations to reflect the latest updates surrounding COVID-19.  With that said, you should still plan your trip well in advance.  We recommend starting this process at least 6 months in advance, if not sooner.

Research the airline’s pet-travel policy

Airlines, too, have adjusted their policies around pet travel.  Whereas some airlines have halted the travel of pets, others continue to do so.  For this reason, familiarize yourself with the airline options available to you.  Additionally, keep in mind that different airlines restrict pet travel during certain seasons and for certain breeds

We understand how stressful moving to a new place can be, despite having to do it with a pet as well as during the middle of a pandemic.  Are you moving within Canada or from Canada to a different country?  Worldwide Animal Travel can help!  Visit our website and complete this form to receive a quote today!