There are some areas of the world that are harder to travel with your pets to than others. Two of the most notorious countries in the world for pet relocation are Australia and New Zealand, mainly because of their biosecurity standards.

Don’t let that dampen your traveling spirit. Worldwide Animal Travel is an expert in international pet relocation that specializes in travel to New Zealand and Australia. Here are the things you need to know about relocating your pet to New Zealand or Australia.

New Zealand 

Before touching down in New Zealand, your furry friend needs to adhere to all of the qualifications of New Zealand’s biosecurity measures. This includes spending a period of six months in an approved rabies-free or controlled country prior to travel, a mandatory 10-day quarantine in Auckland or Christchurch, and a full series of vaccinations, signed permits, fees, a completed rabies test, and other requirements, dependent on whether or not you have a dog or cat.

These precautions are put into place to ensure the health and safety of all life in New Zealand, both animal and human. With all of these measures in place, New Zealand is able to eliminate the chances of contamination and disease from any hazardous regions.

New Zealand also requires a blood test for dogs that Australia does not require. Should the blood test come back positive and indicates infection, your dog will not be allowed into New Zealand.


If you’re heading down under, you’ll encounter a lot of the same biosecurity measures as their sister country. The permits, quarantine procedures, and veterinary practices are pretty much all the same: however, the fees vary, depending on the country from which you’re departing.

It’s also important to note that within both countries, there are specific breeds of dogs and cats that are banned, as well as certain countries that are flagged (e.g. countries where rabies is present and uncontrolled).

However, it’s also interesting to note that traveling between Australia and New Zealand can be easy, as they share the same standards. Check with government officials to find out the exact procedures and requirements for relocating your pet to either of these two countries.

How can WAT help?

Essentially, we take care of everything for you. We arrange for all of the permits and health records to be safely delivered to authorities at your destination, provide guidance with import requirements, offer assistance with quarantine reservation, and make sure that pick up and delivery of your pet is arranged. We even organize for your pet to have comfort visits during the stopovers with one of our representatives!

We make sure that your pet’s comfort and safety is top priority while we fill out all of the details. No matter which country you’re looking to relocate to, WAT can get your furry friend there without any of the additional stress or complexity that relocation can create.

If you’re looking to relocate your pet to New Zealand or Australia, and have questions or would like a quote, contact us today.