Last month we posted a blog to help you determine if you are ready to adopt a pet. If the answer is “yes”, have you given any thought to whether you’ll adopt a purebred or mixed breed? Do you know where you’ll purchase your new furry friend? While this is an exciting time, it’s important you consider these factors before committing to a life changing commitment.

Here is some additional information you’ll want to consider throughout your adoption process:

Mixed Breeds Are Healthier

As a reputable full-service pet relocation company, we take pride in ensuring the safe travel of all pets. Because of this, we are particularly careful when transporting brachycephalic (short-nosed) pets, such as Boxers or Persian cats, because their potential breathing struggles can make travelling difficult. Although this particular health concern is a factor when travelling, there are many others that are more likely to occur in purebreds than mixed breeds.

Of 24 genetic disorders examined in one study, 10 were more likely to occur in purebreds, including epilepsy, cataracts, and elbow dysplasia. In comparison, only one disorder was more likely to occur in mixed breeds.

You Can Save the Helpless

Most animals in shelters are mixed breeds, and although we are happy to see a decreasing number of perfectly healthy animals being euthanized at Canadian shelters, until that number is zero there is more we can do.

If you are considering adopting a cat, keep in mind that Canada is currently experiencing a cat overpopulation crisis. If you purchase your new furry friend from a breeder, spay or neuter your pet to make sure they don’t accidentally run away and reproduce.

Find a Better Match

Shelters only charge enough fees to cover their overhead and the care and health needs of the animals; they don’t try to turn a profit. Because of this, their staff ensure your future pet is vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and that their temperament matches your family’s lifestyle. As much as the staff might bond with every animal they care for, they hope to send each one to their “forever” home.

If you’re adopting from another province or country, contact us today to discuss how to get your furry friend home where they belong.