We don’t know many humans who are fans of extreme temperatures and stressful conditions, but we know even fewer pets that favour intense circumstances over a more comfortable ride. When you factor in travel and stress, the sensitivity to extreme situations can heighten. How do you ensure your pet’s comfort during air travel, especially in terms of managing their response to temperature and stress?

The absolute best way to ensure your fur baby’s comfort is to travel when the climate is mild, and when the season is less busy. This will help you avoid exposing your pet to any situations that may make them nervous, while maintaining an overall level of comfort during air travel.

Here are some things to keep in mind before you book a trip with your pet.

Climate and temperate are factors

If possible, it’s best to travel or relocate during the milder seasons. Fall or spring generally have more balmy conditions and calmer weather, making air travel more pleasant. In terms of turbulence, the milder seasons (especially in the earlier months) usually have less bumpy conditions. A smoother flight will often help your pet feel less nauseous, less panicky, and more at ease during the trip.

In addition, the temperature can play an even larger role in your pet’s overall comfort. Animals have the ability to regulate their body temperature (e.g. panting in dogs), but in extreme cold or heat, their abilities are limited. This is especially problematic for animals travelling in the cockpit of an aircraft, as the temperature variation can feel even more intense.

Mellow temperatures and less destructive weather patterns are two main ingredients for a more relaxed dog, or chilled-out kitty. If you can, try to schedule any lengthier travel for the spring or fall, and make sure that your pet has access to extra water and heating mats, depending on the current temperatures.

Busy seasons can be brutal

Generally speaking, the Christmas season is considered to be the busiest time of the year for travel. Warmer destinations also tend to experience a continued busy season until March.

Just like humans, pets experience anxiety during circumstances that are rushed, claustrophobic, or overly busy. If you are planning on taking your pet through a busy airport, they are more likely to become extremely anxious.

In order to avoid putting your pet through any unnecessarily stress, it’s best to travel during the off-season. If this isn’t possible, try to book your flights for a less busy time and day when you and your pet can get through the airport as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Air travel can fluctuate, depending on the season, so it’s important to make sure that your furry friend is nice and comfy for their trip. If you need help with pet relocation, no mater what season you’re traveling in, contact Worldwide Animal Travel today!