Imagine your company relocates you overseas, are you prepared to make the move? And what about your furry family member? You can’t leave them behind. Using a specialized pet relocating company will ensure your precious family member arrives at its new home without any stress. Here are the top reasons you should use a specialized pet relocation company:

  1. Licensed. A specialized pet relocation company will be a member of the Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA). This means that your pet will be in good hands as the company must adhere to regulations and rules of animal welfare. A reputable company will also be able to work with the regulations and restrictions of the country you are moving to, to ensure there is a smooth relocation for your pet.
  2. Ethics. Your pet is part of your family and you wouldn’t want someone using unethical means to transport your pet. Working with a specialized company leaves you with peace of mind that their ethical standards line up with your values. Professional relocation companies also ensure their ethics are aligned with all parties involved in the transportation of your pet, including airlines.
  3. Care beyond transportation. Transporting your pet is not just a matter of booking a flight, nor is it just making sure that they’re placed properly on an airplane. At Worldwide Animal Travel, we take extra care to ensure your pet endures as little stress as possible when travelling. For example, if the flight contains a stopover, we’ll ensure your pet is taken for a walk to release some energy, relieves its bodily functions and eats some food. This same process is also done before taking your furry friend on a climate-controlled truck to your doorstep.

At Worldwide Animal Travel, our focus is the safety and wellbeing of your pet when enduring any length of travel. We are a freight forwarder that transports live animals only. We do not transport general cargo, perishables, or hazardous goods. Since we only focus on animals we have become extremely proficient and knowledgeable within this field. We staff with members who love animals. Using a trusted and specialized company for your furry friend can ensure you will not have any complications along the way. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

Customer Testimonials:

“I was so impressed with the care given to Teddy and Duqi on their overnight stay and flight from Vancouver Island to Dublin. Teddy is over 11 years old and on medication so I was very worried about him. Sorina was amazing and very patient with me, answering all concerns and putting my mind at rest. I would certainly recommend Worldwide Animal Travel to anyone thinking of travelling with their dogs.” – H. Y. P. “A huge ‘Thank-you’ goes out to Christine and the rest of the Worldwide Animal Travel Team for the safe arrival of our pup (Sadie) in New Zealand. Christine spent many hours answering our questions and organizing the correct documents to ensure that Sadie would pass the strict NZ pet import standards. Christine also made sure that Sadie was well cared for during her layover in Vancouver. We received updates and photos along the way, which was much appreciated! We will not hesitate to use Worldwide Animal Travel in the future!” – T.C.