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Why Work with a Certified Pet Relocation Team?

We know how important expert care is for your pet, which is why our team is comprised of individuals from across the globe with years of experience. Let’s connect.

Not sure how to prepare your pet for their upcoming travel?

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With over 50 years of airline and customs industry knowledge, and a certified pet relocation team, Worldwide Animal Travel has established itself as a leader in pet transportation in Canada, so you can trust your furry, scaly, or feathered family members’ well-being with pet relocation services that exceed expectations.

Why choose us

Worldwide Animal Travel is a full-service pet relocation company based in Vancouver, BC, and Toronto, ON. We are here to provide your pet with a truly comfortable and exceptional travel experience! We love what we do, and we understand how important your pets are to you. We treat your pets as if they are our own!


International Travel

Moving to a new country is an exciting adventure, but it also comes with unique challenges, especially when it comes to ensuring the well-being and comfort of your furry friends. Our travel coordinators have access to a network of reputable and experienced agents worldwide and are ready to simplify the process for you.

Canadian Travel

We offer door-to-door service between any two points within Canada. We can provide reliable pickup and delivery services in all major Canadian cities to ensure your pet has a comfortable and safe travel experience.

Comfort Stops

If your pet is passing through Vancouver on their travels, we can provide a much-needed rest stop for feeding, exercise, and bathing at our Canada Customs bonded cat and dog kennel.

Corporate Travel

Relocating for work with your pet? We’re committed to making your corporate move a seamless experience for both you and your pet whether internationally or domestically.

Canadian Import Brokerage Services

We can help you simplify the process of filling out the necessary paperwork to import your pet. We offer import handling services, including Canada customs clearance, pet collection upon arrival, boarding, and delivery to your door To simplify your pet.

The Pet Relocation Process

Step 1

You request a quote


Step 2

We assign your pet a travel coordinator

Step 3

Permits are obtained while we
book the flight


Step 4

We’ll provide a journey plan, pet carrier, and regular updates on onboarding, flight check-ins, and delivery/pick-up to keep you informed throughout your pet’s journey

Step 5

Your local and federal vet approve
your pet for travel


Step 6

We arrange your pet’s drop off or
pick up

Step 7

We prepare the carrier to ensure
your pet is cozy


Step 8

Your pet is checked in and gets
cleared for take-off

Step 9

If your pet requires a comfort
stop, we make the arrangements


Step 10

After a government inspection you
get reunited with your pet!

Contact us to get your pet ready for their next big adventure!


Operated 4 charter flights during COVID from Canada to Australia repatriating more than 380 family pets
Operated 1 charter during COVID from Canada to New Zealand repatriating 90 family pets

First Company in Canada to receive BOAS certification (Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome) snub nose

IPATA Industry Partner Award

IPATA Best Operational Service Provider Award- Pascal Leutwyler

IPATA Millie Woolf Memorial
Leadership Award- Bruno

Member of ATA

35 staff speaking 15 languages

Monthly Spotlight: Getting Lucy to Oz

Some adventures have a few more side quests –  making them even more memorable!

Lucy’s journey to Australia comes to mind, as her travels coincided with the desert flood at her Dubai layover. Lucy handled the consequent flight delays, a 10-day quarantine in Melbourne, and the flight to Perth with grace. When she was reunited with her family, she was eager to settle in and adjust to her new home. Her family was eager to hug her and never let her go (we wouldn’t either). 

“We are very grateful and fortunate to have had you looking after our girl, you were all so caring (and very patient !!)” – Dan, Lara, Keri and Luce

We believe there is nothing more important than reuniting you with your pets, no matter what plot twist may arise during the journey. We deal with every obstacle with patience, care, and adaptability. When we plan for your loved one’s journey, we are also aware that something unanticipated may arise and we are equipped to handle it all. 

So, when you choose Worldwide Animal Travel for your pet’s relocation, you can trust that your loved one will be treated with the same dedication and care we gave Lucy during her epic adventure. We look forward to helping you reunite with your family members. Even in the face of detours!


Our dog is our child. My husband and I have no human kids. Bringing him across the pond to join us was a given. Worldwide Animal Travel assisted with the vet paperwork and travel details and made everything easy! Jacqueline and Ruthy were so helpful! Couldn’t have navigated international travel for our dog without their assistance.
I had a great experience with World Wide Animal Travel. The job they’ve done to travel my cat from Vancouver to Riyadh, exceeded my expectations. My cat was delivered, at my doorstep, safe and healthy.
PollyBaby Chan
PollyBaby Chan
I'm delighted to share that I had an exceptional experience with a highly trustworthy travel agent. Their professionalism and patience were truly commendable as they addressed all my inquiries thoroughly. Moreover, I'm thrilled to report that my pets—a cat and a dog—arrived safely in Hong Kong under their expert care. This travel agent's dedication to ensuring a smooth and secure journey for my pets sets them apart as a reliable and customer-focused service. If you are considering travel arrangements, I highly recommend reaching out to this travel agent for their outstanding services.
Zool Kassum
Zool Kassum
IMO… the truest form of recommendation is a repeat customer. We were introduced to Worldwide Animal Travel Services in 2021 by a retired Veterinarian friend. We did our own research and since then we have entrusted Worldwide Animal Travel with our Chocolate Lab for 3 return trips from Toronto, Canada to San Sebastián, Spain. Understandably, we were somewhat anxious the first two trips. They were very reassuring and handholding. They assisted us with all the paperwork necessary and stick handled any red tape. During every journey they have lived up to and delivered more than they have promised on every step of Stella’s travels. We trust them with our little gurl and we will continue to use their services for as long as we need.
Darien Caron
Darien Caron
Worldwide Animal Travel was so supportive throughout the process of getting my cat from Canada to the UK. They made sure every step was clear and reassured me my pet would be in good hands. Can't thank them enough. Definitely recommend them for your pet travel needs!
James Vultaggio
James Vultaggio
We used Worldwide Animal Travel to support us with moving our two shelties from Toronto to Calgary and everything went really well. It was a smooth process, we received a couple text updates with some photos along the way, and the dogs arrived safely and in great spirits. The door to door service was really great. More importantly, they took good care of the dogs, which is what really matters.
Helen Meowl Tattoos
Helen Meowl Tattoos
Here’s 5 star review for WWAT! I had a great and smooth experience with them scheduling and getting all travel informations ready for my boy Ziggy Ziggs to travel from Vancouver to Taiwan late December 2023. They were very communicative through out the whole process, between Ziggy’s travels and they were very reassuring with how Ziggy would be treated between travels. So I highly recommend their service for your pet Traveling out from Canada. Here are some attachments of his new home with me in Taiwan 🇹🇼. It was wonderful to reunite with my boy after a long two years. Thank you again!
Каролина Петренко
Каролина Петренко
Very responsive team, incredibly kind and responsive Jacqueline, thank you very much for your work!! I recommend it to everyone! A million thanks🙏💖💖💖


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