Pet Relocation Services

We provide below pet relocation services. Click learn more to know more about the services.

pet travel, animal travel, canada

International Travel

Rules, requirements, and regulations for travel can be daunting and confusing, especially when they differ from country to country and can change with little notice. Our travel coordinators have access to a network of reputable and experienced agents worldwide.

pet travel, animal travel, canada

Canadian Travel

We offer door-to-door service between almost any two points within Canada. We have offices in both Toronto and Vancouver and a nationwide network of reputable agents, so we can provide reliable pickup and delivery services in all major Canadian cities.

pet travel, animal travel, canada

Comfort Stops

If your pet is passing through Vancouver on their travels, we can provide a much-needed rest stop for feeding, exercise, and bathing at our Canada Customs bonded cat and dog kennel. Pets, hugs, and kisses are included!

pet travel, animal travel, canada

Corporate Travel

We have a team of enthusiastic travel coordinators who are accomplished at working with corporate clients. We can arrange door-to-door transport between virtually any location in Canada and any location in the world.

pet travel, animal travel, canada

Canadian Import Brokerage Services

We are delighted to offer import-handling services, including Canada customs clearance, pet collection upon arrival, boarding (if you require additional time before receiving your pet), and delivery to your door.